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Germany Giant-Young: Let’s Write a Letter to Elif Ersoy, Let’s Break the Isolation

Elif Ersoy was arrested for being an employee and worker of the Walking magazine and is currently in isolation. Isolation is Torture!As the Giant-Young People of Germany, we call on all of our people to embrace Elif Ersoy, to be hope and strength with our letters.We present the song "Ulas You from Grup Yorum" to all our free prisoners, especially for her. We would like to share with you the video we shot on Sunday, December 13. Let's Break the Isolation with Our Letters Elif Ersoy is not alone! Our Free Prisoners It is Our Honor Prison Address; Kayseri T...

Belgian People’s Front Commemorated the 19-22 December Massacre

Revolutionary prisoners killed in the massacre in the name of the Operation Return to Life were commemorated in the Belgian city of Liege.The commemoration of the Giant-Young people started with a minute of silence for all the martyrs of the revolution.19 Afterwards, we continued with an article describing the massacre that took place on December."We said, we will not forget our martyrs, even if the birds forget to fly and fish forget to swim. The immortality of the people is the proof of the invincibility of the people.", we reiterated the immortality of all our death fast martyrs with the...

19-22 December Massacre in Cologne Protested

On the anniversary of the 19-22 December massacre in Cologne, the 19-22 December massacre was protested and the martyrs of the great death fast resistance were commemorated. and continued with speeches in Turkish and German describing the resistances.In the commemoration, which continued with slogans and Group Commentary Anthems, many banners describing the Maraş, 19-22 December and Roboski massacres were carried. The Martyrs of December 19-22 Are Immortal We Will Ask the Account of the December 19-22 Massacre

Germany Giant-Young: 19-22 December Martyrs’ Commemoration

We commemorated 28 martyrs of the revolution who were murdered in prisons on December 19-22 this week in our weekly commemoration of the martyrs of the revolution. We finished our commemoration with Ümit İlter's poem “Sıra NeferineDir”.Fırat ChickenAhmet İbiliFidan KalşenAşur Korkmaz p>Yazgül GüderAli AteşÖzlem ErcanŞefinur TezgelNilüfer Alcan Gülser TuzcuSeyhan DoganMustafa YilmazCengiz CalikoparanMurat ÖrdekçiAlp Aka Akçayöz p>Ercan PolatUmut GedikRıza PoyrazIlker BabacanFahri and Sultan Yellow< p>Murat ÖzdemirAli İhsan Özkanİrfan OrtakçıHasan GüngörmezYasemin CancıBerrin Bıçkılar andHalil ÖnderThe Martyrs of December 19-22 are Immortal!

HFG-Labourers; We Opened Our Banner In Cologne, Germany

On December 23, 2020, HFG-Workers held a ten-minute demonstration in front of Dom in Cologne, Germany. For ten minutes, we introduced our HFG-Challenge Center to the people passing by the Dom. We have shown that we offer drug-free and free support and that our people are not helpless and hopeless.A total of four people participated in this action. We made our voices heard in front of all Dom. We Are Not Hopeless and Helpless! The Solution Is in the People's Assemblies! HFG-Workers Germany p>