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Support for Germany Giant-Young Ali Osman Köse Was On Hunger Strike

We, as the German Giant-Young people, participated in the international support hunger strike on July 25. Our 1-day hunger is our commitment, trust and love to our brother Ali Osman, who is the name of lifelong revolutionism. Before Ali Osman Köse, we demand the freedom of all sick prisoners. Health conditions are not suitable for prison conditions, keeping him in prison is Torture! Torture is a Crime of Humanity! Release Ali Osman Köse Immediately! End Torture! Germany Giant-Young

Athens Concert Call from Grup Yorum

We invite all our people to watch the Athens concert of Grup Yorum to be held today on facebook.To watch live, at 19:00 (TRS)Europe time. Let's meet on our facebook channel at 18:00!Our Facebook page:ürküler Susmaz Halaylar Lasts!< /p>

Sinan Oktay Özen, One of the Free Prisoners of Greece, Describes the Attack

In the trial of Turkish revolutionaries in Greece, the prisoners were attacked because they did not accept arbitrary attitudes. During the attack, Sinan Oktay Özen, who had recently undergone heart surgery, fainted with a punch to the chest. Our comrade, who was taken to the hospital by ambulance, was brought to the Koridallos prison, where he later stayed. Greek fascism is attacking the prisoners with the instructions from the AKP government. We will continue to sing the song of resistance against fascism wherever we are in the world.

European Giant-Young Weekly Martyrs’ Commemoration

We held our weekly martyrs commemoration as AvrupaDev-Youth on July 18, 2021. Remembering our martyrs is raising our struggle. They are our teachers. It is our responsibility to commemorate our martyrs and teachers. It is in our hands to tell it to new generations and make it immortal. We will continue to tell our martyrs wherever we are. The Revolution Martyrs Flagged Between July 12 and July 18 Are Immortal!