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Concert at London Pir Sultan Cultural Center

at the Pir Sultan Cultural Center between 19 and 20 OctoberA concert was held with the participation of Ayfer Vardar-Rıfat Vardar and Deniz Türkan. TwoIn the concert where Anatolian folk songs and sayings are sung:The attacks in the world and the ongoing resistance against the attacks were told.Pressures and hunger strikes on Grup Yorum, Mustafa Koçak’s DeathFasting Resistance, Mahir Kılıç’s resistance, Kezban Ana, Türkan Albayrak, People’s ResistanceLaw Office Lawyers, Mithat Öztürk’s hunger strike resistance, Yükselresistance and the rights of residence in EuropeThe resistance of our comrades taken in their hands was told.
“Our folk songs represent the pain of our people,their joys, longings-longings have been expressed, poured into the wire, into the heartsis caught. Our folk songs are fight, love, longing for homelessness in handshomeland, people and homeland. Imperialismand against this system that fascism grinds all our feelings into a to embrace our values”, the young musician Deniz Türkan applauded.was invited to the stage. After a short break Ayfer Vardar and RıfatVardar was invited to the stage.
In the closing speech of the concert, the musician who contributed to the programto our friend Barış Güney and Pir Sultan Cultural Center (PSKM) employeeswas thanked. Announcement of ongoing courses at PSKM and the Group every TuesdayIn support of the comment, the protest in front of the Turkish embassyparticipation was called.
About 200 people attended the Saturday and Sunday concertjoined.
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21 October 2019< /span>
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