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Cotton Mother Died

Mother Pamuk, mother of revolutionary prisoners İsmail Akkol and Nuran Akkol, passed away on 16 August. Our condolences to Akkol’s family.

Pamuk Akkol’s mother was under treatment for a long-standing illness that she had been suffering from. For her son İsmail, whom she has not seen for years and longed for, stood upright despite her illness and tiredness, and became an exemplary mother as a proud captive family, that her children were not alone. ” Like Cemal Süreya, he never lost hope to see his son with stubbornness, said Pamuk mother.

When his son İsmail was caught in Turkey after 25 years in 2016, he embraced him with feelings full of enthusiasm and joy. Again, he loved from afar Cotton mother gave her son! In the same period, her daughter Nuran, who was right next to her with her big sycamore heart, never left her alone during this relentless illness!

The cotton mother died on August 16, in mourning, and passed away from this world…

May our Cotton mother, who was sent off on her last journey in the Ihlamurkuyu family cemetery, will continue.

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