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Council of Resistances: Following Pir Sultan’s Path is Not Giving Up to the Oppressor!

Like every year, exactly 28 years ago, on July 2, 1993, a commemoration and

comprehension event for Pir Sultan would be held. The revolutionary-democratic-progressive-

intellectuals, especially the Alevi people, were summoned to the hometown of Pir Sultan

Abdal, who said, “Let anyone come back, I will not return from my path”. However, the fascist-reactionary parties incite the public and try not to organize events with threat calls


“religiousness” propaganda is made on Aziz Nesin’s translated book “The Satanic Verses” He tries to provoke the public with words such as “enmity to religion, atheism, irreligion” by distorting the events by giving speeches, and a large crowd gathers together in front of the Madımak Hotel, where the event is held, with stones, sticks and gasoline in their hands. “Close”

calls are made by uttering takbirs many times, and within minutes the Madımak Hotel is set on fire with compliments. Those who want to escape the massacre

are not allowed, and 35 poets and intellectuals, including 2 hotel employees,

The state was just a spectator to this situation when 35 lives were killed. Although there were soldiers and

gendarme at the scene, the attacking mass was not intervened. The Prime Minister of the time, Tansu

Ciller participated in the massacre with the words “Thank God, our people outside the hotel were not harmed”. Despite the intervening 28 years, those who carried out the massacre were rewarded, not punished.

While those on trial for the massacre were punished for ‘good behavior’, their lawyers have either become MPs from the AKP

or served as directors in the organization. it has been corrupted many times over and

finally expired. The Prime Minister of the time

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who did not explain, said “Good luck”. The latest development regarding the Sivas Massacre

was an amnesty for a murderer. One of the Sivas Massacre convicts, Ahmet

Turan Kılıç’s release by the AKP through amnesty on the pretext of his health condition

The Madımak Massacre was not the first and it was not the last. After 93, there was a massacre in prisons

in this country. On 19-22 December 2000, he carried out a massacre called “Operation Return to Life” on behalf of the state and killed 6 revolutionary women by burning them alive. The state that evacuated the murderers

improves the sick prisoners with isolation and tortures them. It distorts the truth by putting the names of the massacrers on the list of “murdered people”


33 writers-poets in the Sivas Massacre- Aydın and 2 hotel employees were killed. While the two murderers, Ahmet Alan and

Hakan Türkgil, set the hotel on fire among the massacres outside,

We did not forget the murderers, as we did not forget our 35 lives,

we will not forget because we still have an account to be asked of the massacrers.

To account for the Sivas Massacre today is to fight against fascism, never

to compromise. To follow the path of Pir Sultan is not to bow to the oppressor.

We will not bow down, we will resist!

Resistances Council

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