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Day 9 of Germany’s We Want Justice Long March

We were in Hamburg again on the 9th day of the ‘We Want Justice’ long march that we started as the Germany Grup Yorum Volunteers. On December 7, 2019, we distributed leaflets in Hamburg’s Altona region and visited the shopkeepers. and Erdal Gökoğlu were held in front of the prison. Our German friends also read the solidarity messages. As hikers, we also spoke. We listened to Grup Yorum songs from time to time with our boxing. Erdal Gökoğlu and Musa Aşoğlu were sentenced to years in prison in Hamburg for being revolutionaries. We emphasized that by explaining the Turkish process in the action, we emphasized that it is not a crime to be revolutionary wherever we are. We will not have Mustafa Koçak killed! Grup Yorum is the People and cannot be silenced! People’s Advocates are Our Honor! Making Revolution is Not a Crime, but a Duty! Germany Grup Yorum Volunteers

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