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Description of Armutlu People’s Front Turan Aktaş

CHPŞişli Mayor Muammer Keskin Stop Being Enemy Of The Public And Don’t Play With The People’s Bread More!

CHPŞişli Mayor Muammer Keskin; He does not stop attacking Turan Aktaş, who took action because he was fired from his job and suffered injustice, as if he fired the workers working in the municipality without looking at him.

Muammer Keskin’s supporters gave a blank check to Turan Aktaş, who has been protesting the mayor of Şişli Muammer Keskin for more than 600 days because he wanted his job back, and said, “Write the amount of money you want and stop taking action,” immorally. makes offers. Turan Aktaş wants his job back, not a bribe. He is protesting Muammer Keskin because of the injustice he has suffered.

Even though Turan Aktaş won the lawsuit he filed as a result of the injustice he suffered, Muammer Keskinişçi does not give up his hostility and does not give his job back to Turan Aktaş.

Turan Aktaş was detained many times because he wanted his job back, he was subjected to violence by the police, his actions were sabotaged. Our people, who went to the municipality to petition the municipality to support Turan Aktaş, were intervened by the Şişli Municipality security forces and kicked out. They were even disturbed by the fact that they were in the area next to Turan Aktaş and threatened to take them into custody.

As if all this injustice is not enough, the person who states that he is a relative of Muammer Keskin and says that he is a retired non-commissioned officer threatens Turan Aktaş “if you don’t stop resisting, I’ll piss you off”.

Your threats and immoral offers are futile. Give Aktaş his job back, not a bribe. Give up his hostility to workers. Let Turan Aktaş be reinstated immediately. Turan Aktaş is not alone!

Description of Armutlu People's Front Turan Aktaş

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