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Dev-Genç Statement: AKP Fascism Cannot Silence Grup Yorum

The People Who Made Blood Vomit for 17 Years AKP The group that has been making folk songs for 34 years cannot silence fascism!< /div>

Group Comment’sThe concert “Direniş is a Turk, Resistance, which will be held at Ferhan Şensoy Orta Oyunlar Sahnesi on September 14, will lead to the concert.It was banned by the district governor a day before. 5 imprisoned members of Grup Yorum,5, including concert bans for outside members, families, volunteerstheir bodies melted day by day and their consciousnesswhile sharpening, fascism banned another concert!
Your concertto İdil Cultural Center, where Grup Yorum, where it was banned, continues its activities.It was ‘notified’ with armored vehicles! The same armored vehicles that many times beforeHe went to İdil Cultural Center once and saw Grup Yorum members and choir members.detained by torture, dragging her by her hair along the wayhave displayed their hostility.
Dozens in our countryWhile there is a music group, Grup Yorum members are put on gray lists, imprisoned,about hundreds of people from attending the Grup Yorum concert, selling their tickets.lawsuits are filed, Grup Yorum’s concerts are banned… Because Grup Yorum,As stated in the courts of fascism, “there is hope for the people, morale andIt gives enthusiasm.” Because Grup Yorum produces for the public every day and every moment of 34 years,making the art of the oppressed. Grup Yorum, whose concerts are banned today,He can turn millions of people into a clenched fist at his concerts. RequestHence the fear of fascism.
Fascism, GroupHe is afraid of comment. From concerts of millions to hundreds of peopleHe is afraid of his interviews and his concerts with dozens of people. A Group of CommentsEven whispering and whistling a piece of music is terrifying to fascism. Here is aWe express once again! By banning his concerts, Grup Yorum’s ties to the publicyou can’t break it! Because Grup Yorum is the people, it is in the people. All prohibitionsDespite the pressures, we will fill the fields with millions again! with millionswe will shout:
Group Comment is Public, Cannot Be Silenced!
Grup Comment’s Demands are Our Request,Get Accepted Immediately!
Down with Fascism, Long Live Our Struggle
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