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Dev-Genç: We Want Justice for Edibe Özçelik

An ongoing resistance in Hatay for more than 450 days. Her sons have been resisting for hundreds of days so that their mother’s murderers are prosecuted. Mothers who resist for their children in Urfa. Our people, who have been subjected to injustice all over our country, are resisting. The end of these resistances is victory. We know the certainty of victory from our centuries-old history tomorrow. The end of the resistance of our people, who do not give up on demanding justice no matter what the circumstances, go out to the streets and shout about injustice, by risking all the costs, will of course be victory. There is no other option. We will continue to carry the voices of our people who resist and resist until this system of exploitation is destroyed, until the injustices come to an end.

We Want Justice, We Will Get It!


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