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Dev-Young Statement: Public School Magazine Can’t Be Silenced

Let Yilmaz Viraner be Released!

The AKP fascism has been trying to prevent the printing press of the Public School Magazine for months, threatening the printers

and harassing the magazine office all the time. AKP is afraid of a magazine published by the revolutionaries despite all the means, propaganda tools, channels, newspapers, and news programs it has! >

tells. Not only that, it unites the people in the struggle against fascism.

When the murderer could not prevent the printing press with his police, he continued to attack the revolutionary press, by issuing a “containment warrant” and detaining Yılmaz


We shout once again in the language of the Public School Magazine that we will not succumb to the Legitimate tyranny of Fascism

We will not bow, we will organize the People’s Resistance!

The Public School Magazine cannot be silenced!

Release Yilmaz Viraner Immediately!


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