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Dortmund We Want Justice Committee: We Want Our Right of Residence

The Struggle of the Resistance Assembly in Germany Continues

Our rights and freedoms were not given to us as a favor. weAs working people, we took them through our struggle. to take back our rightsThe struggle against employees is just and legitimate.

The session rights of Deniz Yıldız and İlker Şahin are still grantednot. Moreover, they are tried to be criminalized by the lawsuits filed against them.they are working.

The German state does not allow the peoples to fight against racism,She wants him not to stand up for his rights and to abandon his political thoughts.

Deniz Yıldız and İlker Şahin stood up for their rights.have persisted for more than two years. During this two-year periodthey implemented different forms of struggle against their usurpation, the 30 km border,they struggled with daily signature impositions.

Now they face lawsuits and investigations…

We support their just struggle.

Session rights should be granted as soon as possible.

Revolution is a Duty, Not a Crime

Dortmund We Want Justice Committee

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