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Eskişehir Dev-Genç: Architect Nuriye Gülmen, Architect of Yüksel Resistance, Released

Fascism wants the masses, whose rights they have been deprived of, to shut up and submit. In our country, too, the jobs and rights of the workers were taken away from them. Resistance against this voice started from all over Anatolia.

Yüksel Resistance has grown and grown both within itself and by including other resistances, especially the Düzce resistance.

Conspiracies, provocations and attacks could not end the resistance. Even when the insurgents were arrested, the resistance continued. The Yüksel Resistanceists were evacuated one by one. But Nuriye Gülmen is still in detention.

Those who could not end the resistance with captivity and punishment may say that they will not be able to take Nuriye Gülmen over with them. Fascism wants revenge, we want Nuriye Gülmen to be released!

For this, we call on everyone to grow solidarity!

The Resistors are Undeliverable!

Ascendant Resistance is Our Honor!

Nuriye Gülmen is Our Honor!

Eskişehir Dev-Genç

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