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Eskişehir Dev-Young: Free Prisoners Cannot Be Taken

Our Free PrisonersResistance to Surrender Keeps the Tradition of Not Bowing to Oppression


Eskişehir Dev-Young: Free Prisoners Cannot Be Taken

Resisting Pressures, Threats The tradition of Free Captivity is a tradition that has never bowed to the usurpation of rights throughout history, and that resists for its freedom under conditions of captivity.

From past to present, our free prisoners are being tried to be surrendered through oppression, violence and massacres.

The imposition of “Single dress” in 1984,

The imposition of “Coffin Holder” in 1996,

The imposition of “Type F” in 2000,

“Injustice” was imposed in 2020

but on the basis of all of this, our Free Prisoners were tried to be delivered with the imposition of “change of thought”.

Our tradition, which cannot be surrendered under any circumstances, has given the necessary response against all these impositions in prisons with resistance!Eskişehir Dev-Young: Free Prisoners Cannot Be Taken

With our martyrs, we have won victories by paying the price, and we have won victories with our blood against the attacks of surrender. We resisted until the last drop.

Today, our Free Prisoners are resisting for the rights they have earned at the cost of their lives in the prisons of Anatolia…

They are resisting the usurpation of rights, threats, the isolation and torture they are increasing day by day.

Our Free Prisoners have never bowed down and we have never left them alone.


Our Free Prisoners is our honor!

Our Free Prisoners are everything to us!

As Eskişehir Dev-Gençliler, we have sent 25 letters to our prisoners.

We will continue to stand by our prisoners!Eskişehir Dev-Young: Free Prisoners Cannot Be Taken

Free Prisoners are Undeliverable!

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