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Euro-Giant Makes a Statement on Genç Turan Aktaş

Turan Aktaş, who has been trying to get his job back for 619 days, is our honor!

The municipality of Şişli has fired hundreds of workers, together with our brother Turan Aktaş, without any reason.

Today, KılıçdaroğluİBB’ He started laying off his employees.

Will those who cannot rule Istanbul rule Turkey?

Absolutely not! CHP’s past is full of policies that include hostility to labor.

Your hands are not only covered in blood, but you are also after the bread of our people!

We, the Euro-Giant Youth, support our brother Turan Aktaş until the end.

And we promise to be a voice for your resistance, especially in Germany.

Let’s all call Şişli Municipality daily and expose this injustice.


Europe-Giant Youth

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