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Europe Giant-Young: We Are Subject to Detention, Torture and Dishonest Search Because We Are Foreigners

On Saturday, May 29, we were checked by two German police at the train station in Düsseldorf, Germany. When we asked why they wanted our IDs, they said routine control, they said that it was remarkable that we were wearing the same bag… Later, they claimed that there was a problem with a friend’s ID and said that they would take us (3 young people) to the branch. They stated that they would call us from the bags at the branch. Of course, we still couldn’t find out why we were taken and what was the problem.

While our inner female friend (Eda) wasn’t even asked for her identity, she would have been subjected to dishonorable searches. When he said that he did not accept, he was taken to the detention center by forcibly laying him on the ground and wearing reverse handcuffs. We’ve all been searched without honor. They took us up to our socks. Decades of male police officers tried to search for our female friend on the pretext that “women were not enough.” While a friend of ours (Azad) was trying to prevent the police from interfering with the woman, he was tortured by the police and received blows on his head and back. He was then handcuffed for hours. We were held for about 4 and a half hours, we were tortured. They didn’t even let us call our lawyers. When they left, they said that they would sue us for resisting and resisting the police. Even though we asked why we were detained and what was the problem with the identity card, they did not answer.

It was purely the arbitrariness of the police.

Racist policemen justify all kinds of dishonor and torture by calling us “suspicious” because we are foreigners.

What we experienced that day, 10s of foreign youth live every day. We are subject to identity checks, dishonest searches and torture just because we are black-headed. Then, as if they are making fun of us, they sue us.

Let’s expose the racism and torture committed by the Düsseldorf Police!

We are not without possessions, we are strong together!

Torture is Disgraceful!


Dusseldorf Police Are Racist- The Only Solution Against Racism Is To Get Organized To Unite In The Lines Of Giant-Young!

Europe Giant-Young

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