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European Alevi People’s Assemblies Organizing Committee: On whose side is the CHP?

Turan Aktaş is an honorable worker.

He did not commit corruption, could not take bribes, did not engage in mafia activities, he is a state official who is close to the mafia, not a bourgeois.

He only produces. He’s working. And he is fighting for the right of his labor.

For this reason, he is fired. And he has been resisting for more than a year to get back to his job, regardless of the snow or winter.

The Mayor of Şişli, who unfairly fired him and prevented him from returning to work without even considering the court decision.

The Mayor of Şişli is a CHP member. . He even broadcasts a message for Deniz Gezmişler.

What is this if not shamelessness. What is this, if not cheating on the people’s brains, openly deceiving the people?

Today we are faced with an order that is full of filth. . The state has become a mafia, its politics has become a mafia, its industrialists, traders, that is, the bourgeoisie and its rulers, the whole world of art, culture and sports, especially its journalists, has become a mafia…

In this order, the people who make a living only by their labor have remained clean. Therefore, the only salvation, the only ability to clean is possible only if the people organize and seize power.

So only the revolution cleans up the mess…

And this will happen sooner or later. Those who brought this beautiful country into this state will not be able to avoid being held to account in front of the people’s courts that day.

So where is the real line of the CHP, which says it is against this filth and seems to be struggling?

There is no need to go far. Look at what they have done to Turan Aktaş.

Simply put, Şişli’s CHP mayor does not follow court decisions, laws, rules and morals just like the mafia. And all CHP organizations are blind and deaf to this.

Who now believes that you are against the mafia? Who will believe that you will come to power and change this order, which has become a mafia from head to toe.

Our people who set their hearts on the CHP! Let’s seize the situation as a people by organizing in the People’s Assemblies. Let’s defend the rights of Turan Aktaş. This is your duty before anyone else.

Down with the Fascist Mafia Order!

Long Live Our People’s Struggle for Work, Bread and Democracy!

< p>Turan Aktaş is our honor!

Organization Committee of European Alevi People’s Assemblies

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