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European Giant-Young: Turan Aktaş Reemployed Immediately

Turan Aktaş, who has been resisting for his job for 586 days, is our honor!

Turan Aktaş, who was unfairly and unlawfully dismissed, is resisting in front of the Şişli municipality for 586 days. Throughout the resistance, our brother Turan Aktaş continues to resist despite all the pressures and has often stated that he will not surrender to the conditions.

If the municipality of Şişli reinstates Turan Aktaş, they should take back thousands of workers that they dismissed. In other words, Turan Aktaş is resisting not only for himself, but also for hundreds of workers who were dismissed in this way.

It is dishonorable to play with a person’s work and food. AKP fascism is committing many crimes and our duty is to organize and fight against it.

Workers Resisting is Our Honor!

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