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European Popular Front: Increasing Our Ownership for Justice

Every part of us is surrounded by injustice, lawlessness, oppression and terror.

Every segment of the public is the target of this injustice and unlawfulness.

Against injustice. Every position we wage war on is a part of our war against all injustices.

Today’s fight for the freedom of our sick prisoner comrade Ali Osman Köse is the symbol of our struggle for the freedom of all sick prisoners.

Greece Our struggle for the freedom of Turkish revolutionaries against the unlawful punishments given to the revolutionaries in Turkey is a symbolic struggle against all unlawfulness.

Our struggle for the freedom of Erdal Gökoğlu is a flag of freedom flying against the lawlessness of European imperialism.

Our struggle for the freedom of Erdal Gökoğlu. p>

Comrades, Our People!

For this reason,

we put the above-mentioned issues at the top of today’s agenda of our struggle for rights and freedoms.

Ali Osman Köse’s

11 revolutionaries imprisoned in Greece,

v e Ensuring the freedom of Erdal Gökoğlu

making major breaches in the siege of fascism and imperialism against the people and revolutionaries.

We are in front of the Consulates for Ali Osman Köse on September 1!

We have been demanding freedom for the sick prisoner Ali Osman Köse for months.

We will insist on our demand for the freedom of Ali Osman Köse, against the fascist and vengeful policies of the Ministry of Justice, prison administration and hospital administrations.

We must spread and strengthen our demand even more.

In the face of Ali Osman Köse’s lifelong revolutionism and 37 years of captivity, it is our responsibility, our loyalty, our comradeship to realize this.

Ali Osman Köse We didn’t take action for freedom and there shouldn’t be a single person left.

500 Signatures from Every Region and City for Freedom for Ali Osman Köse! Let’s start a signature campaign. (Regions that have started before will continue.)

In the petition that we will continue throughout September and October, each region should be able to set a target of at least 500 signatures. Let’s send it to the Forensic Medicine Institute and the Ministry of Justice as a second post at the end of October.

We are on a Hunger Strike for 11 Revolutionaries Arrested in Greece on September 4!

End the unlawfulness in Greece with demonstrations in front of Greek Consulates and Embassies in 7 places on 25-26 August, 11 We demanded the release of the revolutionary.

We will express the same demand with our hunger on September 4th.

On September 4, we will say “Freedom to 11 Imprisoned Revolutionary Revolutionaries”.

On September 4, we will wrap up 11 revolutionaries in Greek prisons with our hunger.

People’s Front in all countries, we must aim to include everyone we can in this strong ownership.

Erdal Gökoğlu We Will Insist for Freedom to Freedom!

Erdal Gökoğlu’s unjust and unlawful detention in Belgium continues.

Contrary to this,

– every week in Belgium The “Freedom for Erdal Gökoğlu” protest is held in front of the Belgian Ministry of Justice. Let’s support this action, actions can be held in front of the Belgian Consulates in other countries on the same days as this action.

– Let’s write to the Belgian Ministry of Justice by e-mail from everywhere and demand that they end the injustice. If he wins, he will have won hundreds of thousands of workers.

Therefore, we must also strengthen our support from Europe;

– We can call Şişli Municipality every Monday during September and demand that they end this injustice and return Turan Aktaş to work. .

– Wherever there are CHP institutions in Europe, we can go and ask them to demand an end to this unlawfulness.

Victory Will Be Those Who Resist!

Europe Popular Front

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