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Families from TAYAD Statement: Making Revolution is Not a Crime! Duty is Honor

We will not leave 11 Turkish Revolutionaries in the Hands of Greek and Turkish Fascism!

The fascist Greek government, collaborator of imperialism, arrested 11 Turkish revolutionaries on March 24, as a result of the raids on March 19,2020 . Even the right of defense of the revolutionaries, who were arrested with the conspiracy of Turkey and Greek fascism and

groundless allegations, was usurped and 11 of them were given the same punishment

. With the punishments imposed by imperialism, Turkey and Greek fascism; in fact, he wants to condemn revolutionism and socialism, not any crime. tries to overcome with pressure. This attack on 11 revolutionaries from Turkey is part of the crisis of powerlessness of Turkey and

Greek fascism. The blasphemous Minister of Interior of the fascist Turkish government

Süleyman Soylu stated that the arrested persons are dangerous terrorist criminals and that they have been following these people for a long time

and the information and request of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT), the Turkish intelligence organization of the operation< /p>

that it said it took place in line with this also shows this.

This attack; imperialism and its collaborators It is an expression of the fascism of Turkey and Greece, for reasons

fear of revolutionaries. This fact, from the date of the trial on July 2, 2021 until the end of July 19

The court committee: trying to take away the right of defense of the revolutionaries,

approving and owning the attack in the hall, the torture, and holding the hearings without lawyers and defendants in one place.

Trying to finish as soon as possible etc. The events have shown how “fair, impartial and independent” the court is

. Conscious fascism. He attacks the revolutionaries he wants to silence, crush, suppress and murder in their most helpless way.

The revolutionaries in Turkey knew that justice would not come out of these orders, which are dependent on imperialism

. But the anger of all the peoples of the world against imperialism should have been expressed here and

Turkish revolutionaries did so. Despite all the obstacles, they once again condemned imperialism and its collaborators with the defense they could make.

The extradition of Turkish revolutionary Halil Demir, who was arrested in this attack and has been a Greek citizen for 22 years It is an intimidation and threat to the revolutionaries in Europe. The European Union, which is the apostle of democracy, is trying to enact and implement the strictest fascist laws when it comes to revolutionaries.

We will not allow this!

The Greek and Turkish peoples, whose resilience we know from their history against imperialism and fascism, are aware of this

fact. It is in our hands to prevent the return of all revolutionaries, especially Halil Demir, to Turkish fascism

. As TAYADLI Families, we stand by our children

. We will not leave our children in the hands of fascism in Greece and Turkey, and we will continue to demand justice

We will continue to demand justice

As Turkey and Greek Peoples, Let’s Unite Against Imperialism and Its Collaborators

Let’s Resist and Win!

The Collaborative Greek Government Cannot Judge 11 Turkish Revolutionaries With the Order From Imperialism!

Down with Imperialism, Long Live the Brotherhood of Turkey and Greek Peoples!

Down with Fascism, Long Live Our Struggle!


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