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Families from TAYAD: Where is KESK Running?

Public workers’ union KESK got its historical flow from revolutionary teachers, health professionals, in short, from the struggle against fascism. Today’s KESK, on ​​the other hand, has been clad in reformist policies and is competing with the AKP’s Memur-Sen. This race is held in front of the revolutionary, democrat and progressive civil servants in KESK. To give an example; Public workers who continue the Yüksel Resistance can be cited as an example.

The current administration confirms the AKP’s interior minister’s statement, “We saved KESK from the revolutionaries.” Being a unionist is not being a spokesperson for the fascist AKP based on economic and democratic rights. When you take the revolutionary and democratic education workers inside KESK, the abstract shell remains. The self-reservation policy that AKP is trying to implement on KESK becomes concrete when you take the KESK administration as a base.

KESK is not a union to be brought under the control of AKP. The union understanding of FakirBaykurts and Elmas Yalçıns is the opposite of today’s KESK understanding. We say that the KESK administration has once again contradicted its historical flow, that it is a snake and a sheep. As a result, we call on tens of thousands of public workers affiliated with KESK to unite under the umbrella of the Front of Public Workers to prevent this trend.

KESK Doesn’t Mean AKP

KESK Means Acting in accordance with the Historical and Political Flow!

Families of TAYAD

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