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Families of TAYAD Commemorate the Armutlu Massacre Martyrs

To break the Death Fast resistance held in Armutlu on November 5, 2001, 5 thousand murderer policemen attacked Armutlu. The tradition of responding with resistance in every attack was kept alive in Armutlu, and Sultan Yıldız, Barış Kaş, Bülent Durgaç and Arzu Güler were martyred in the attack. Free prisoners did not remain silent in this massacre. Eyüp Samur, Nail Sergeant, Muharrem Çetinkaya protested the massacre by burning their bodies.

Families from TAYAD gave a meal at Armutlu Djemevi to commemorate the martyrs of the Armutlu Massacre. After the meal, a moment of silence and a text describing the meaning and importance of the day were read by our Families from TAYAD.

We will hold to account for the Armutlu Massacre!

The Martyrs of the Revolution are Immortal!

A Thousand Salute to the One Who Fights the Fallen in Armutlu!

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