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Fifth Statement of the Anti-Imperialist Struggle Committee – About Recent Events in Cuba

American Imperialism Continues Its Dirty Provocations!

Cuban People and State Are One of the Strongholds of Anti-Imperialism and Socialism! The Hands Reaching for Cuba Will Break the People of the World!

The Murderer USA, Remove Its Hands from Cuba Immediately!

With the day of July 11, 2021, the imperialist press in Cuba highlighted as the “Cuban spring” in the news. Mass demonstrations began. The provocateur agents, commissioned and financed by the US imperialism, organized “actions”, the content of which was counter-revolutionary, and consisted entirely of stigma, with slogans such as “death to communist dogs” and “death to communism”, using the increasing poverty and increasing number of cases in Cuba with the Kovid-19 pandemic as an excuse. These events, which are more dangerous than the counter-revolution attempt organized by US imperialism in 1994, are also a part of the offensive launched by Biden after he was elected president in order to consolidate and develop the US position in the world. It’s an Embargo Policy!

US imperialism is determined to “clean up” its “backyard”, that is, Latin America, again, as the Haiti operation has shown (see the third statement by the AEMK). AGAINST THIS, THE ANTI-IMPERIALIST STRUGGLE OF THE GREATEST DISABLED SOCIALIST CUBA STATE HAS BEEN CREATING FOR DECES! Therefore, the US imperialists are determined to eliminate the Cuban people and state and to organize the counter-revolution. To this end, the previous US president Trump tightened the embargoes further and expanded the machinery parts to include some supplies essential in the fight against the pandemic and remittances to Cuba. THEREFORE, THE MOST RESPONSIBLE FOR THE EXISTING PROBLEMS AND Famine IN CUBA IS THE HIGHEST RESPONSIBLE OF THE US IMPERIALISM DURING THE PANDEMIC TO SUGGEST CUBA! In a speech to the “Fox News” television channel, Miami mayor Francis Suarez went so far as to demand that the United States bomb Cuba, thus declaring once again that the real intention of the US imperialism is to liquidate and murder Cuba and the Cuban people!

< p>As a step up, the US government added Cuba to the list of “states supporting terrorism” on January 11, 2021. THIS IS ACTUALLY AN ATTACK ON THE PRESTIGE OF SOCIALISM! Imperialism is so arrogant, reckless and arrogant to brand the honorable and valiant Cuban people, who defend their homeland and values, while applying a TERRORIST POLICY, by trying to break their resistance by starving the Cuban people and state with embargoes, to force a “change of mind” (ie, betrayal to the revolution, homeland and socialism)!

Imperialism was defeated once again by not calculating the resistance of the patriotic Cuban people and its embrace of socialism in its counter-revolutionary plans for Cuba!

In response to these counter-revolutionary provocations, the Cuban people, under the leadership of the revolutionaries, left the revolution and their homeland on July 17 in Havana. AND HE ORGANIZED A GIANT BIANTI-IMPERIALIST SHOW ATTENDED BY 100,000 PEOPLE who embraced socialism. The slogans “NO to imperialist intervention”, “NO to the embargo” and “Cuba is ours” were at the forefront of the action, which was attended by the Cuban government and Raul Castro. Gerardo Hernandez, the coordinator of the “Committees for the Defense of the Revolution”, used the following statements: “We do not see anyone as an enemy because they have a different opinion. However, this country has its decanters, and of course our enemies are the stooges of imperialism, those who are manipulated, those who endanger our security and the peace of our children… those who throw Molotov at children’s hospitals are our enemies.”. With these anti-imperialist actions of the Cuban people and state, messages of solidarity were sent, primarily from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

In the face of this picture, even the imperialist governments and press organizations had to admit that the counter-revolutionary attempts were defeated once again, in surprise! It has been an indication that intertwining, sitting at the same table with imperialism, opening the doors to imperialism in an ideological, political or economic field in a socialist country can never be a question, and that such revisionist policies open the door to counter-revolution! We took out and developed the revolutionary struggle in our own country, and we have always stood by the Cuban state and the Cuban people in our struggle against our common enemy, US imperialism, and we will continue to be. We will continue our anti-imperialist struggle, the struggle for independence, revolution and socialism, just as we did when Fidel and Che were with us! CUBA PEOPLE EQUIPPED WITH SOCIALIST AWARENESS! No Power of Imperialism Can Defeat!

Long Live the Cuban Revolution and the Socialist Cuban People!

Either a Free Homeland or Death! Patria O Muerte!

Down with US Imperialism, the Main Enemy of the Peoples of the World!

Killer USA, Hands Off Cuba! Immediately Lift All Embargoes of Imperialism Against Cuba!

Committee for Anti-Imperialist Struggle (AEMK)

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