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First Day of July Diary and Detention

To set up our stands on Thursday, July 11We passed for. And collectively, Grup Yorum scarf, Özgür PrisonerWe prepared our tables with products and books. Our Grup Yorum apronsWe wore it and on it, “We are the People, We are Right, We Will Win, Grup Yorum is the People,We hung our placards with the words “Can’t be silenced” on the back of our stands.A friend of ours went on a hunger strike to protest the ban on concerts.That’s why there’s also a “Hunger for Grup Yorum Concert Ban to be Lifted”.We hung the blueprint “I’m on strike” where we are. Our friend on hunger strikeWe prepared for the lifting of the concert ban by wearing a Grup Yorum apron.He placed his autographs on his desk. After a short time, we will be at our stands very much.Riot Police, Political Branch and Security Branch police in crowdspiled up. They ended the hunger strike and asked us to take off our aprons.We said we wouldn’t take them out and told them to get away from here immediately, to spread terror.that we will not allow them, that they cannot intimidate us with pressures and prohibitions.we explained. After the discussions, they wanted to seize our hunger strike table. When you don’t giveHundreds of policemen rushed at us, detaining us with torture.they wanted. Our friends from the Revolutionary Party-Partisan-SYKP from other left groupsThey were detained for adopting us and 8 people were taken to the police station.Devrim Deniz Karataş, Furkan Ersöz, Sever Işık were taken into custody.Torture marks and bruises were seen in many parts of our friends. 5 hoursWe were released from the hospital after the detention.


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