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Flood Disaster Statement from Hagen People’s Assembly Initiative

Hagen is one of the cities that suffered the most from the flood.

It is said that 106 people have died in Germany so far. Hundreds of people are missing and there is no news. Hundreds of houses were flooded.

A natural event is not responsible for all this suffering.

It is the capitalist-imperialist order that destroys nature and makes it so deadly. It is capitalism that puts the greed for profit at the center of everything.

Two firefighters died in Hagen.

Part of the houses were flooded, especially in Hohenlimburg. Electricity has been cut off in Hagen for three days.

This profit-oriented order, invading predatory imperialism will not save or facilitate the lives of the peoples. Socialist Cuba transported exactly 1 million people to the safe zone in a planned and organized way before a hurricane. This success is not profit, but the result of people-oriented thinking, planned collective living. We should be together, we should be strong. We should solve our problems together. As our ancestors said, “one hand has a voice, two hands have a voice” We must unite so that we can overcome our problems in our troubles and bad days. We must unite so that we can increase our goodness and our own values ​​of the people.

We Call All Our People to Unite in People’s Assemblies

Let’s Unite and Be Power

Hagen People’s Assemblies Initiative

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