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Free Prisoners Arrested in Greece Describe Attacks in Court

We are 11 Turkish revolutionaries imprisoned in Greek prisons at the request of the fascist Turkish state.

Today we were attacked and tortured by the Greek police in the courtroom. However, there is a precedent for this attack. Since our court started on Friday, July 2, 2021, we have been constantly faced with arbitrary obstructions, bans, threats and the court’s hostile attitude.

On July 2, when our court began, we were prevented from appearing in court on the grounds of the banner we took with us. On July 7, the day of the second hearing, our friend Mustafa Yılmaz, who came to watch our hearing from Crete, was detained on the grounds that he used a phone in the courtroom.

3. On July 8, the day of the hearing, the police officers who were in charge of taking us from the prison to the court kept us in the ring car for a long time, with the windows and doors closed. When we objected to this, they said “There is an instruction from above”. Thereupon, we slammed the doors of the ring vehicle and chanted. The police, on the other hand, attacked us with insults and swearing by opening the doors of the ring vehicle, which was closed until that time.

This attitude continued even after the hearing started. We said that we wanted to meet with our lawyers and our families who came to see us from other countries. On top of that, the police attacked us. They kicked, punched, cursed and threatened.

Some of our friends were handcuffed and thrown into the cell.

Our friend Sinan Oktay Özen fainted as a result of the blows he received. Our friend Sinan is a friend who had serious health problems and had open heart surgery a few years ago. Not only the police, but also the court, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Justice will be responsible for what will happen to him.

The police also attacked the spectators who reacted to this attack and detained 3 spectators.

Our lawyers told all these things to the court board. The response of the court board was “There is nothing that concerns us”. However, the police openly stated that they received this attack order from the court board.

The attitude of the police is not the only problem in this case. The attitude of the tribunal is also hostile.

Our lawyers are not allowed to speak, and our witnesses are prevented from speaking. We were not even given the right to talk about the police attacks.

When the court started, we said that we were worried that the court would be a political court, not a legal one, because of the words of Süleyman Soylu, the fascist Minister of Workers of Turkey, “We wanted this operation” and “We had it carried out”.

Today we say:

An operation was carried out at the request of Turkish fascism, a lawsuit was filed at the request of Turkish fascism, and we want to be punished at the request of Turkish fascism.

We are being tried by a court that sees us as its enemies. Such a court cannot be a just-democratic court.

A court established at the request of Turkish fascism cannot be fair.

This cooperation should be ended as soon as possible. The court should guarantee us a fair trial. Otherwise, it will not be possible to continue the court with this committee, and the decisions of this committee will not be legitimate.

We also declare:

We will not bow to injustice!

You cannot subdue us by applying the methods of Turkish fascism!

The history of Turkey is the history of resistance to the death against the injustice of fascism. Martyred on death fast for the right to a fair trial, Lawyers Ebru Timtik and Mustafa Koçak.

We warn those who made unjust decisions in this case:

Don’t try to test us!

Don’t try to pressure us!

Head of the drug mafia of Turkish fascism Do not try to apply the instructions of the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu to us!

We will never accept this…

We will not succumb to injustice…

Greek people!

Greek left!

You should also oppose the injustice that Greece imposes on the revolutionaries in cooperation with Turkey’s fascism. We must condemn this cooperation together.

We invite you to join our courts, to show solidarity, to take ownership, to take actions-walks for us, to send support videos-messages.

It is the Duty of the Greek People and the Left to Claim the Revolutionaries of Turkey!

Down with Fascism, Long Live Our Struggle!

International Solidarity is the Weapon of the People!

Long live the Brotherhood of the Peoples!

Prices Can’t Intimidate Us!

We are right, we will win!

Free Prisoners of Greece

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