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Free Prisoners of Greece: We Do Not Accept the Arbitrary Practices of Koridallos Prison Administration and Doctor

Hazal Seçer, one of the Free Prisoners of Greece, who is in Koridallos Women’s Prison, went to the doctor at the end of this month to have the medicine prescribed, which she regularly uses every month. And the doctor said to the free prisoner Hazal Seçer (I won’t write now, I know when I will, don’t bargain with me) and then he cursed and raised his hand to hit him. As a result of the arbitrary practice of cursing and raising his hand, the dermatologist of Koridallos prison (Murathanyan Sanvel) said Hazal Seçer (if you are a doctor, your duty is to cure the disease, to cure the patient, we do not accept your arbitrary practice). He is a fascist doctor. At the same time, this behavior and style against a prisoner is the doctor’s conscious choice (He can’t treat any of his patients like this in the hospital he works outside or in his own clinic because he is afraid of being prosecuted for the crimes of losing his job, disciplinary punishment, abuse of power, but here the prison and the prisoners are in question, he can swear at the prisoners and raise his hand, losing his job is an investigation. she is not afraid because this situation is denied by the prison administration, she hides and the doctor is protected.

Prison administration is also personally responsible for the doctor’s behavior towards the prisoners.

1- The incident took place on May 25, even though it has been three days, Hazal

2-Anti-Imperialist Front workers, who are in solidarity with political prisoners, called the manager of Koridallos prison and explained the situation, and said, “Nothing happened here,” and answered the phone. It turns out that the prison administration hid the attack and protected the doctor.

We do not accept the arbitrary practices of the Koridallos Prison Administration and Doctor!

Free Prisoners of Greece

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