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Germany Dev-Genç Group Wrote Card for Commentator Betül Varan

On August 18, 2021, we, as the German Giant-Young people, wrote a card for the free prisoner Grup Yorum member Betül Varan. Betül Varan was a European Giant-Young. In today’s world, when millions came to Europe to live better, with the determination to continue their struggle in Turkey, he chose to return to his country and took his place on the art front. He became a Group Commentator, it was considered a crime. That’s why our comrade committed this “crime”. He was detained, arrested and still imprisoned. Let’s take ownership of Betül Varan from Fascism! It is not a crime to love the people, to love the country, to sing the folk songs! Grup Yorum is the people and cannot be silenced!

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