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Germany Giant-Young Frankfurt will go in front of the Turkish Consulate

At the call of the Darmstadt Popular Front, we, as the German Giant-Young People, will participate in the Freedom for Ali Osman Köse action in front of the Turkish Consulate in Frankfurt on Wednesday, 25.08.2021. Ali Osman Köse, who was held in the dungeons of fascism for years, had 9 cm bad cysts in his 12 cm pastry. As a result of intense ownership, we gained the right to treatment. But keeping the patient, Prisoner Ali Osman Köse, still in prison means death. He needs to be evacuated immediately to survive. We believe that we can take the revolutionary prisoner Ali Osman Köse from the hands of fascism with the same ownership. We are waiting for all our people living in Frankfurt and its environs, who call themselves democrats, human rights defenders, socialists, and revolutionaries, in front of the FRANKFURTTURKEY CONSULATE tomorrow between 14:00-15:00.

Freedom for Sick Prisoner Ali Osman Köse!


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