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Germany Giant-Young: Raids Arrests Can’t Intimidate Us

Detentions, Arrests and Pressures cannot intimidate us! We are not 120, we are millions! We made our voice heard at Stuttgart Rotebühlplatz.

A total of 120 people were detained after the operation on 28th and 29th October. 34 of them were arrested. The AKP-Government is still openly showing its fear against Grup Yorum, against the people.

For 35 years, they have not been able to destroy Grup Yorum, the people’s artists, against all oppression, arrests and torture. Grup Yorum won a political victory against these oppressions and tortures and achieved a great victory. An attack was made not only against Group Commentators and workers, but also against the people’s lawyers, architects, engineers, academics and youth. They arrested them, for example, while walking on the road, like Mustafa, or they raided the house.

In fact, an arrest warrant was issued for them. But as if that wasn’t enough, they did not let the detained people meet with their lawyers in order to carry out more terror. They are trying to scare us with these helplessness. We will not allow this!

We are not 120 people, we are millions! We are the children of the people. These lands are our lands and Imperialism will not be able to take it away from us! We are people fighting for our freedom. We are the ones who seek our rights and make our voices heard against every injustice done.

We may be living in Germany, but we always face our own country and lands. The injustice done to our neighbors is an injustice done to us.

That’s why we took action against all these raids, operations, arrests and tortures in Stuttgart Rotebühlplatz on November 07, 2020. A total of seven people participated in this action. We made our voices heard with Grup Yorum’s songs and folk songs.

We read German and Turkish explanations describing the aftermath of this great operation, thus attracting people’s attention. Not only did they support us, but also the fascists. But we did not come to these impotences and responded with our slogans. After a total of two and a half hours of protest, we ended the protest with our anthem We Are Right We Will Win.

Germany Giant-Young: Raids Arrests Can't Intimidate Us

We Are Millions, Not 120!

Detentions, Arrests and Pressures Us It cannot be intimidated!

Making Revolution is not a crime, it is a duty!

We are the people, we are right, we will win!

Germany Giant-Young

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