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Grup Yorum 21 May Internet Concert

AEC (Anti-Imperialist Front) on May 21 at 19:00International solidarity concert with Grup Yorum, organized byhappened.

The program of the solidarity concert consisted of 5 parts. GroupWe were included in the first, third and fifth chapters as comments.

In other sections, live artists from all over the worldlinks and solidarity videos with Grup Yorum were shown.

This concert is a part of the internationalism created by our resistance.occurred as a result. Anadolu, which embraces our demands all over the world,Created by Helin and İbrahim with the Peoples of the World and artists from all over the world.we once again raised values ​​with international solidarity.

International solidarity concertartists ”Grup Yorum is a light for the peoples” ”Group Comment is anti-fascist,We recognize it as the first and leading group that continues the anti-imperialist struggle.they said.

As Grup Yorum, we explained our political victory. captiveWe made a call to write a letter to our commentator friends. Sick prisoner Ali OsmanWe called for support to Köse. We talked about the occupation of Palestine and the resistingWe emphasize the importance of internationalism by saying that we stand with the Palestinian people.We emphasized it again.

We sang our resistance songs and marches in our concert andWe pulled our ropes. In the second part of our concert, Grup Yorum volunteersWe danced arm-in-arm arm-in-arms on our stage.

We’re right, we’ll win, we finished our concert with our anthem.

Our concert has been watched 240 thousand times so far.

Thanks to the AEC, to all the participating artists and to our public

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