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Grup Yorum Concert Works in Kağıthane

Group in Kağıthane on 11.07.2020 and 15.07.2020For the Completely Independent Turkey concert by Yorum to be held on August 9th.stamping, poster and invitation work was done.
Parks, bus stops, streets, Grup Yorum’s posters andequipped with stamps. In the conversations made with the public in the study, the GroupOne of Comment’s Righteous Demands, Death fast martyrs, Grup Yorum member İbrahimGökçek and Helin Bölek were mentioned.

110 on 11.07.2020 in studiesstamping-20 posters and 45 papers, 185 stamps on 15.07.2020 and 35 papersA total of 295 stamps and 20 posters were hung, while 80 papers were delivered to the public.

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