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Grup Yorum Volunteers were at the Solidarity Meeting with the Palestinian People

A solidarity rally with the Palestinian people, who were condemned to live under occupation and embargo and resisted against all odds, was held in Magdeburg on Sunday, the 27th. We, as Hamburg Grup Yorum Volunteers, showed our solidarity by participating in the rally, attended by approximately 100 people. The rally, which started with speeches at the Magdeburg central train station, continued with a march that lasted for about 2 hours. During the walk, interlude speeches were held and the songs of different leftist music groups were played; Among them was Grup Yorum. The importance of international solidarity was emphasized at the rally, where the history of resistance was told. The march and rally ended at the Magdeburg central train station.

Long live the Just Struggle of the Palestinian People!

Long Live the Brotherhood of Peoples!

Long live the Right Struggle of the Palestinian People! InternationalSolidarity!

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