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Grup Yorum: We Greet Stefan Engel, Who Defends Grup Yorum in the Trials of Imperialism

Stefan Engel, who was tried in Mainingen city of Tühringen state of Germany on 3 August, with his stance before the court committee, rendered the attacks of German imperialism against Grup Yorum futile. Stefan Engel (MLPD theoretical publication director) defended Grup Yorum and was acquitted, emphasizing that Grup Yorum is not a forbidden group. We experienced another strong example of internationalist solidarity. After the resistance of Helin and İbrahim, Stefan Engel confirmed and defended the struggle of Grup Yorum. This is what we understand by solidarity. Solidarity is being convinced of a truth and defending that truth. Adoption is never a help. In our opinion, only socialists can unite and guide both in their own ranks and in all anti-imperialist struggles. we perceive it as dealing blows to imperialism from all over the world and developing the revolutionary struggle in its own country first and foremost. In this sense, it is very respectable for us that Stefan Engel defended Grup Yorum in the courts of imperialism. While he was announcing his victory right after the court, he added that the process was not over yet and he filed a lawsuit against the German State. We will be in solidarity with Stefan Engel and follow the developments. As Grup Yorum, we salute Stefan Engel’s stance against German imperialism.

Let’s Unite, Resist, Let’s Win!

Long live Internationalism!

Long live the Brotherhood of the Peoples!

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