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Grup Yorum’s Statement on the Flood in the Black Sea Region

Floods also occurred in Sinop, Samsun, Bartın and Kastamonu on 11 August. Our people lost their lives, their homes were flooded, their vehicles were submerged in water, and they were dragged into the flood. Those who coveted the eyes of our poor people once again caused the same pain to our people. We see people’s houses destroyed. We are angry.

AKP fascism; They are selling everything that belongs to our people for the sake of profit. They said, “We will sell like the fathers,” they are selling. We are dying, we are losing our homes. We will continue to die as long as the pillage, plunder and robbery continues.

The government is responsible for every soul that dies. Because they do not give up plundering and exploitation with HEPPs and rent projects.

The suffering of our people is our pain. Capitalism cannot solve any of our problems or heal our wounds. As Köroğlu said,

“We can’t heal our wounds by oppression

We are the ones who hurt ourselves”

Let’s organize to prevent floods and destruction, let’s find popular solutions.

There is no solid wheel in this corrupt order.

Socialism keeps us alive, capitalism kills.

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