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Grup Yorum’s Voice of Resistance was in Oslo

The voice of Grup Yorum, which resists the demands of the righteous, continues to resonate everywhere. Grup Yorum worker Sena Erkoç had a meeting with the representative of Safemuse, together with the representative of Freemuse, on the history, struggle and resistance of Grup Yorum on 31 January.
The Safe Music Havens Initiative ( Safemuse)- (Safe Music Housing Initiative) invited Grup Yorum member Sena Erkoç on 1 February. While discussing the history of Grup Yorum since its establishment, hosted by Safemuse, it was demanded that the pressures on comment come to an end by drawing attention to its struggle. In the news published on the meeting that took place on Safemuse’s social media page, it was stated as follows; “I learned about it by meeting with Grup Yorum on January 31.
The group was founded in 1985, in the year of the Nueva Canción movement in Chile (from VioletaParra, Víctor Jara, Inti-Illimani and Quilapayún, etc.) and Mikis in Greece. Theodorakis Inspired Today, the group continues its struggle for its democratic rights and the right to artistic freedom. Its concerts are banned or blocked both in Turkey and Germany. Seven of its members are imprisoned in Turkey. Two of its members are now on death fast for their demands for justice.
Two weeks Then, you can support by attending the press conference they will hold in Berlin, the capital of Germany, on February 11.”
Safemuse February 2 On the t day, he showed solidarity by posting a video footage of Grup Yorum member Helin Bölek, who is on death fast at the Grup Yorum Resistance House, on his social media page.


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