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Hatay People’s Front March Journal Description

As casinos, drug dealers and prostitution are paved;journalists, intellectuals, artists, deputies, lawyerswhile arresting; the voice of the people while banning books, newspapers, concertsThe reprinting of the marching magazine AKP by the police again and againOnce again and again, the desperation of the oppressive regime in Turkey.showed.
They are helpless and attacking desperately. of the peopleYou cannot finish the traditions of the people, the intellectuals of the people, the artists of the people.You will not be able to take over by arresting them, and you will not be able to silence the people’s voice, the Walking Journal.Walking Journal of labor, martyrs of the revolution, prisoners and the oppressed worldHe is the voice and representative of the people. For this reason, the journal WalkingIt will continue to march until the people’s power is established. Independence,As Hatay People’s Front, the Journal of Walk on the Road to Democracy and SocialismWe will continue to be his voice. Keep bringing the truth to our people
Yürüyüş DergisiIt is the people!
Yürüyüş DergisiIt is the homeland!
Free PressCannot be silenced!
Hatay HalkFront
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