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HFG Workers Had a Neighborhood Interview in Stuttgart

HFG-Workers Gain a Neighborhood Interview in Stuttgart to Get People’s Thoughts on Drugs

On November 19, 2020, three HFG-Workers conducted a neighborhood interview in StuttgartBad Cannstatt district.

About Nov. We chatted with seven people. Five of the seven people did not want to be seen, but chatted with them about Drugs for five or ten minutes.

Two people interviewed us in video form.

While we were conducting the interview with one person, our surroundings started to smell of marijuana and this was the case. also showed us once again how far drugs have spread and how big of a problem it is.

Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling is a big problem that concerns us all and is known to either ourselves or our environment. Let’s tackle this problem that takes over the brains of our youth and elders, makes them lonely, addicted and even murdered. Let’s save our youth and elders from drugs.

HFG Workers Had a Neighborhood Interview in Stuttgart

We are not Hopeless and Helpless!

The solution is in the People’s Assemblies!

HFG-Workers Germany

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