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Hunger Strike Tent Calls to Resistance in Mannheim, Germany

December 8
Mustafa Koçak’s protest in front of Mannheim train station on Sunday.
death fast and the indefinite hunger strike of Grup Yorum members
Notices were distributed and signatures were collected. Cavit Yilmaz
“I want justice for Mustafa Kocak!” every weekend at the request
continued his hunger strike.

Hunger Strike Tent Calls to Resistance in Mannheim, Germany

According to the procedure, those who organize actions or events, until the audience reaches 25 people.
Assign up to 2 people to security. A security guard this week.
to our people, the police said, “This cannot be this person.” said. When asked for reasons
They put forward the phrase “approved by the police” in the permit. Why
when insisted on the justification of their disapproval “He
He knows.” After the lax replies; A criminal complaint was filed against him two years ago.
they claimed to have done. Why does the person not know about it, what is this crime about
when the announcement questions are insisted on, they have to answer it
that they are not, that after a while they are not allowed to answer this
they said. But in the interim “A further action may not be allowed”
they repeated.

Efforts to prevent other actions and activities not only in Mannheim but also recently
it is not accidental. Every week to demand justice for Mustafa Koçak and Grup Yorum
We are waiting for all our people to the actions that will take place.

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