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International Solidarity Day with Sick Prisoner Ali Osman Köse

Ali OsmanKöse has been imprisoned for 37 years and has been in an isolation cell for 21 years. In March, a cyst of 9 cm in diameter was detected in his kidney, and before that he could not continue his life alone in prison. He could not eat alone, he could not walk alone, he suffered from loss of consciousness. And he was given a report that he could stay in prison alone.

The doctors of Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University committed a crime.

Excuses were produced by using the Covid-19 virus as an excuse, saying that there is no empty room.

The ruling party’s While there are rallies and funerals with tens of thousands of people, Ali Osman Köse is not treated on the pretext that there is no room in the hospital.

Ali Osman Köse’s surgery was not performed, and his right to treatment was not recognized. Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University hospital doctors are committing crimes. They are closing their eyes to the murder of a revolutionary sick prisoner with AKP instructions.

Ali OsmanKöse needs to be released immediately, he cannot stay in prison alone or continue his life.

For this, April 24 was declared a day of solidarity across Europe and Turkey, and we are publishing hunger strikes, embassy actions and support actions from all over the world.

England: Freedom for All Political Prisoners Committee He held a rally in London and Ali Osman Köse gave a speech. A total of 200 brochures were distributed and a sound music concert was held. 6 people went on hunger strike in London. 17 people across England went on hunger strike.

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France: Paris Nancy and 14 people in total went on hunger strike and solidarity videos were shot . A banner was hung in the city of Toulouse.

< p>Austria: 6 people went on a support hunger strike and a solidarity video was released, a support action was held in the city center.

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Germany: Solidarity hunger strikes were held in many parts of Germany and solidarity videos were shot, leaflets were left on the doors in Turk quarters. A total of 55 people went on hunger strike.

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Greece: 26 people, 11 of whom are imprisoned revolutionaries and 15 people in total, carried out a one-day support hunger strike in front of the Turkish Embassy, ​​solidarity videos were shot .

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Italy: Solidarity videos were shot in Italy and 4 people went on a hunger strike and a solidarity action was held.

Turkey: Solidarity during the hunger strike Solidarity videos were shot from many places.

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