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Justice Action in Front of the Consulate General of Greece in Dusseldorf

Freedom was demanded for 11 revolutionaries who were shamefully imprisoned in the name of justice in Greece in front of the Greek Consulate General in Dusseldorf on Wednesday, August 25.

Greece, which does not recognize any measure of justice to fulfill the orders of American imperialism and Turkish fascism attacked the state with an unprecedented recklessness and a great hatred in order to intimidate the revolutionaries and force them to surrender.

However, there was one thing they forgot: the determination of the revolutionaries to resist and the will to fight against all kinds of injustice.

This attack of the collaborative Greek state will be foiled with the same determination and perseverance.

Revolutionism Those who try to portray it as a crime will have to pay for their crimes.

With this awareness, the comrades of 11 revolutionaries in Greece were in front of the Greek consulate in Duesseldorf, as they do everywhere else. The action, which started with banners and banners, continued with the distribution of leaflets and slogans. Later, the marches sung by Grup Yorum were sung in unison. It was said America Killer Get Out. It was said that we are right and we will win.

The action that lasted for about an hour was ended with the determination to continue the struggle.

Down with Fascism and Imperialism!

Down with Fascism and Imperialism! Collaborative Greek State!

Let 11 Revolutionaries Captured in Greece Be Released Immediately!

Making Revolution Is Not a Crime, It’s a Duty!

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