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Justice Campaign from TAYAD Families

FAMILY Families from TAYAD gathered signatures and distributed leaflets within the framework of the Justice Campaign in Güzeltepe Mahallesi on April 4th. Today, we stood with our signatures against the injustices inflicted on our people, against the workers killed in Soma, against the injustice inflicted on their families, against the injustice in the Çorlu massacre, against the injustice inflicted on the lawyers and artists of the people, on public workers, and against those who murdered the children of the people. Signatures were signed for Berkin, Dilek, Grup Yorum, and People’s Advocates! Today, we stand with our signatures, the days when we will stand against oppression with the justice of the people are near. They will not be able to leave our people unjust,Justice Campaign from TAYAD Families

We will stand before them with Heval Marblings!


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