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Koçak and Grup Yorum are on the Agenda of International Organizations -1


England: Artist’s At Risk Connectiondiv>

British Group yorumgönüllü, the Artist’s At Risk Connection (with Artists at Risk) organization requirements as ileiletişi moves through Group Comments Experience and told them about the resistance.div>

with Stars organization at risk, they şöyletanımlıy their mission:div>

“guarantees the right to artistic freedom of expression and be able to live without fear of the artists in everywhere and can work sağlar.niha our goal at risk hizmetver the needs of artists and organizations that are addressing them. ” div>

ARC organization has allocated a portion of the site for the Review Group. Comment and tell me who that Bubölü the hunger strike.Div>


Cologne: Social Democratic Partydiv>

in Germany Kölnşehr Group commentators, the SPD (Social Democratic Party) left bürosunagiderek file.div>

in interviews with Office deputies suppress the Group Yorum’unyaşa Group hunger strike resistance which the comment maintain and taleplerianlatıl.div>

it was also noted that currently vekend as the democrats is also a solidarity tent in Cologne is expected of everyone’s support that defines who said he wanted to deal with vurgulandı.kon Deputy Group Yorum’l to want to iletişimdekal.div>

Source: Actual News Agencydiv>div>
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