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Let Edibe Özçelik’s Killers Be Tried

In Samandağ District of HatayOn January 16, in the Tekebaşı neighborhood, police officers, who were the law enforcement officers of the AKP,Edibe Özçelik, who fell ill and had a heart attack during the operation,We want justice for the murderers of the family and children under the namestarted a campaign.

In Tekebaşı neighborhood for 65 weeksResisting Özçelik family’s houses were taken by the police again in the past weeks.printed and the signatures collected within the scope of the justice campaign were stolen.

Repeat operationThe reason was to want Edibe Özçelik’s murderers to be prosecuted.They will both murder and start the campaign for the trial of their murderers.they will stop.

The bloody hand of AKP Fascismmurderer cops are at the forefront of recklessness and hypocrisy.

Any action against these injusticesOne day we will continue to resist demanding justice, and we repeat it once again.

Resistance posted todayin the message Let Edibe Özçelik's Killers Be Tried

“Justice resistance Week 65452 Days May the murderers of our mother be punished

we will ask for your account.

May 27, July 10, 1980,We have not forgotten the Çorum Massacre, we will not let it be forgotten,” they said.

Edibe Özçelik’s KillerLet him be judged!

We Want Justice, We Will Get It!

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