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Mothers Marching for Justice was in Berlin

Mothers whose daughters were arrested during the struggle in Turkey were in Berlin during the march they started demanding justice. Mothers, who met with Turkish people in Berlin on Tuesday, May 25, explained the reasons for their march and called on all of our people to shoulder the struggle for justice. On Wednesday, May 26, appointments were made for some of the deputies. Green Party (Die Grünen) Federal Deputy Canan Bayram, who made the first appointment, did not come to her own appointment! Canan Bayram, who said she would meet the mothers in her office, did not come to her office. Protesting this situation, the Mothers displayed a banner in front of the office. Afterwards, the prepared file was handed over to the deputy. The other appointment was given by the Left Party (Die Linke) Berlin State Deputy Hakan Taş. During the meeting in the provincial parliament, Hakan Taş paid close attention to the issue and emphasized the struggle together. He emphasized the common struggle against injustice in both Turkey and Germany. Saying that he will share the file given by the mothers in the parliament, Hakan Taş wished success. Upon this meeting, the Mothers set out to continue their walk.

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