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Mustafa Koçak is now our people’s monument of honor, he is immortal!

People’s School Magazine workers visited the grave of Mustafa Koçak, who was martyred on the 297th day of his death fast, demanding a “fair trial” on April 27, 2020, and made a commemoration at the graveside. The commemoration started with the speech about the Death Fast Resistance. In the speech called “The death fast is to be born again, Mustafa Koçak has won the victory”, the demands of the resistance and its effect on the people, the people’s embrace of the resistance were explained and it was said that “Mustafa Koçak is now a monument of honor of our people, he is immortal”. Then, a minute’s silence was held by Mustafa Koçak in memory of the martyrs of the revolution in our country and the world. A comrade who knew Mustafa Koçak expressed his feelings by telling about Mustafa’s personality and his struggle history. A clipping from the Public School Magazine about Mustafa Koçak was placed on the grave.

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