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Nancy Popular Front Description

Torturers, Looters, Cowards!
They’re afraid, they don’t want people’s artThey are afraid of those who do. From the revolutionary press, from writing the truth to the publicthey are afraid you are right to be afraid, we will magnify your fears, your fearsit will be your grave!
First Walking Magazine,Then they raided our İdil Cultural Center, the murderous, abusive police of the AKP. FirstThis is not your raid! You raided İdil Cultural Center six times in the last two years andYou have printed the Marching Magazine many times, destroying and plundering it in each raid.
Your plundering, breaking,We will restore our institutions that you have made unusable by spillingthe way we built it. We did better, and we will. Our history showsThose who resist always have the last word. We will continue to resist.We will come back stronger after each of your attacks.
Because We Are The People We Are Right We Will Win!
Free Our Detained Comrades Immediately!< p>
The Revolutionary Press Cannot Be Silenced!

< /p>Nancy Popular Front Description

Revolutionary Art Cannot Be Silenced!

< /p>

Nancy Popular Front


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