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Netherlands Grup Yorum Volunteers Support Hunger Strike

Saturday 13 July in Rotterdam, Netherlands GroupWe will support the hunger strike carried out by COMMENT by setting up tents.
Group COMMENT requests:
– Release of our members, lawsuitswe want it dropped!
– During the state of emergency, İdil Cultural Center was raided eight times. PoliceWe want their raids to end!
– Our members include those wanted in the Ministry of Interior.It has been put on “terror lists”, we want the list removed!
– Concert bans should be lifted, squares are for Grup Yorumlet it open. We want a Grup Yorum concert!
All our people to our tent action on Saturday, July 13th.we are waiting.
Date: Saturday, July 13
Time: 13:00-15:00
Address: Hoogstraat/ Wijde Kerkstraat.
This is the place where we will set up the photo tent we will share.
We expect all our people to support.
Netherlands Group Comment Volunteers.
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