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Neunkirchen Popular Front: Support for Grup Yorum Hunger Strike

We are partners in Grup Yorum’s Hunger

We’ll Make Your Voices Heard Everywhere!
People’s Front of Neunkirchen in Austria on 31 August, indefinite hungerGroup Comment, which was on strike, went on a one-day support hunger strike.
People on the hunger strike visit homes, workplacesThey talked about Grup Yorum and their demands for resistance. wherever they are,They called on our people to join the hunger strike.
As Popular Fronts we say;
For being revolutionary and making people’s artis under pressure.
Turkish fascism is punishing people’s artists, theirHe wants to silence the resistance and the songs of struggle that bring morale to the people. GroupThroughout the history of interpretation, it has been observed that the people never remain silent against the persecution andsymbol of reflecting his struggle to his folk songs. Pure in the direct struggle of the peopleAn example of how the people’s artist should be.
Fascism is therefore hostile to them. This is exactly why wewe are on their air.
Group Comment is the voice of Anatolian peoples.
Group Comment is the voice of all oppressed peoples of the world.
Group Comment how the artist is in the fight against fascism
With the raids of İdil Cultural Center, the working place of Grup Yorum,Searches for members of Grup Yorum under the name of “terrorist lists”You cannot silence them by removing them, arresting them, torturing them. Group CommentIt is the voice of all the peoples of the world, you cannot silence all the peoples of the world. ThisYou can’t power, you can’t power us.
Group Comment Members in the Resistance
Helin Bölek, Bahar Kurt, İbrahim Gökçek, Barış Yüksel and AliLet the Agent’s Requests Be Accepted!
• Release Captive Group Comment Members
• Remove Terrorist Lists
• End Idil Cultural Center Raids
Group Comment Is The People, Can’t Be Silenced!< /b>
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