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New Book by Boran Publications: The Name of Freedom for Sick Prisoners Güler Zere

Book Title: The Name of Freedom for Sick Prisoners Güler ZereEditor: Dilber Güneş Publisher: Boran Publishing Date: July 2021

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Preface:New Book by Boran Publications: The Name of Freedom for Sick Prisoners Güler Zere

Güler Freedom for Zere Campaign is a first in the history of struggle in our country, a new tradition created.

It showed that sick prisoners are not homeless, and that no sick prisoner will be allowed to be ‘quietly exterminated’ in a blind cell.

The AKP government first makes the prisoners sick with isolation, and then they die silently.

Therefore, isolation has been defined as “silent destruction”.

Prisoners in our country are murdered by the state. So if you are a prisoner, everything is fair. No heat, no sun

no communication. Is it possible for a person to live in such conditions in a healthy way?

No! There are hundreds of sick prisoners in our country. Many of these prisoners have developed or progressed

illness due to the prison conditions. Between 2000 and 2010,

1758 people lost their lives in our country’s prisons.

Güler Zere lived in captivity for 14 years and got palate cancer

due to her prison conditions. After the cancer diagnosis, a big campaign started across the country. Thanks to this campaign

, the slogan “Freedom for Sick Prisoners” has spread all over the world and in our country. In short

, the “Freedom for Güler Zere Platform” was established, in which the other Left is also included. And

It was this campaign and ownership that made President Abdullah Gul in 2009 confess that public opinion is formed where there is organization. The censorship in the bourgeois press has been broken through


Güler Zere expressed her thoughts very modestly in this process. Just my exit

doesn’t mean anything, I’m actually a symbol, he said and showed that he is an example in the freedom for sick prisoners

campaign. The release of Güler Zere created a great enthusiasm for victory

. The slogan “WE WANT JUSTICE, NOT PASSION” uttered from the very beginning of the campaign

showed how legitimate the demands of the resistance were.


Güler Zere’ The ownership created in the Freedom to Be campaign has shown everyone that we can be

when we are “us”. Grup Yorum has also described this process with the song “People’s Hands”,

making people realize that their hands can reach anywhere.

The values ​​created by the ownership and organization of the people liberated Güler Zere. They left Güler Zere when the AKP government came to the brink of death and gave her the right to die outside. Güler Zere lived for 7 more months after her release

with the support and love of her comrades and people.

Güler Zere’s will was to continue the “Freedom for Sick Prisoners” campaign. We saw the love she felt for her people,

comrades and homeland in her clinging to life and struggle until her last breath

Güler Zere. And his comrades continued the struggle for “release of all sick prisoners”. Victory after victory was won with the release of Yasemin Karadağ, Mete Diş, Mesude

Pehlivan and Kemal Avcı as a result of the struggle carried out after Güler Zere. During that period

in the interviews made, they make us understand very concretely what prisoner is. The fight for his release continues with the same determination. This campaign is still going on during the compilation of this book. In the light of history

we can say the following very clearly: No sick prisoner is unattended and a fierce struggle is going on to ensure that they are taken one by one from the cells of the oppression. A new

tradition started with Güler Zere, victories were won. We can win many victories from now on.

In this book, in which we compile what was done during the “Freedom to Güler Zere” campaign, ideological debates and news in the bourgeois press, you can read chronologically what happened in this process

It is a historical document from where the struggle for “Freedom for Sick Prisoners” started. What has been written, debates, and campaigns will lead us all to the

unity and ownership of the people, to organize campaigns

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