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New Book by Revolutionary Poet Hasan Biber: Hope Can’t Be A Captive

Book Title: Hope Is Not CaptiveAuthor Name: Hasan BiberPublisher: Boran Publishing HousePublish Date:February 2021

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“Weapon and song

I use all the dark with thesei beat

blooming in the blood of my child

in my working wife’s upright gaze

and the sharp insomnia of mobs

weapon and song”

Hasan, one of the poets of the fightHüseyin Korkmazgil is like this in his poem Kızılırmak

It says

. The author of this book is our brother,Our comrade Hasan Biber also sheds all the darkness

with two things, gun and poetryA poet of a fight who believes he can win is a revolutionary poet.

Poetry and life in Hasan Biber,This is the summary of the relationship between life and fight.

“Knight of immortal youth,

satellite heart beat at fiftymind,

one July morning conquered

the beautiful, the right and the right:

with their proud, stupid giants in frontworld,


Rosinant.” says, Master Nazim,

The childhood of many of usin his poem about Don Quixote, one of his heroes. And as if the revolutionary poet HasanTells about Pepper. You ask why? Don Quixote in the story of Miguel de Cervantes,an aristocrat, a nobleman whose real name is Senor Kesada; the knight readinfluenced by his novels

to knight after 50He is an undressed adventurer. Senor Kesada looked at his sick and weary body.He took his horse Rosinante and his servant, Sancho Panza, with him.travels across the land. As in the story, after fifty, the beating in his heart

declares all bad.

Of course Hasan Biber, what aThe aristocrat is neither a nobleman nor an adventurer.

Life is with work and struggleone of the people of the past is a worker, a revolutionary

O. It’s the “modern day” Don Quixote.The one who does it is just like in Nazım Usta’s poem

Sleeping at fifty like Don QuixoteTo the mind that beats in your heart, to the conquest of the world


Freeze Senor Kesada in the storyQuixote, loving his people and homeland,

anger at all the oppressors who persecuted himis to hear. It is because of this love and anger that Don Quixote protects the oppressed and alsoHe doesn’t let the wicked see. While weary with weariness and sicknessHe thinks that the windmills he sees are monsters in the service of wizards.The monsters that Don Quixote thought he saw were the rulers and oppressors of the time.Represent. He is

the longing for justice of the oppressed… DonQuixote’s heart has been overcome with longing

once, no way, with windmillswill be fought now.

And fights them Don Quixote.He falls to the ground in every fight he enters, but he never gives up. To his last breath

fights as bad as…

Revolutionary poet Hasan Biberlike Don Quixote, in his heart after fifty

He is a revolutionary who declared war on his bad ones. In the words of our people, “grandson bagowner”. It’s time to “sift your flour and hang your sifter”! But comeSee that his heart has been overcome by longing for once. Equality,It is the longing for freedom and justice that burns Hasan Biber’s heart. It’s DonLike Quixote, this mind, which burns his heart after fifty, obeys this mind and helps the oppressed.The bare-sword is thrown into the fight so as not to put his ax on the ground. Down under

Maybe it doesn’t have Rosinant but it’s correctHe has a steed, a poem. His Rosinant is poetry. Sancho Panza is the mostare the revolutionary feelings that he felt deeply. He rides poetry on his horse, he takestake Sanco Panza with you, conquer the world, the beautiful, the right and the righteous…

“Not every Facade’s heart is printedit is a book of poetry,” says our teacher.

So potential with every Facadeis a poet. Every revolutionary, every Front’s

the people and homeland in your heartis the core of this potential.

Thousands of Anatolian peoplesyearning for justice. End the suffering of the people

don’t give, don’t call the wrongdoers to accountIt is the will of the people… History consciousness and class hatred are based on this gem

shaping is an anvil and hammer. HasanPepper also expresses this gem in his heart, the love of the people and the country, the justice of the peoples.longing between the anvil and the hammer of history and class consciousness

add to the fight and poetry

That’s why modern-day DonNot just Quixote. These lands;

riot all around, hero all aroundKöroğlu, Dadaloğlu of Anatolia,

He is the Sultan of Pir… In every verse,their rebellion in every verse, against the oppressors

has anger, demand for accountability.

“You are closer to henna than dervish pasha/Let him look all around you arrogantly /

But beware of us day and night/We will take revenge, and the first to find the opportunity is Dadaloğlu”

o. To avenge the oppressedChallenge the Dervish Pashas of the time

read, declared war.

“I am blind, I use rocks /I am the sword of the right, I seek the right / From the king to the sultan

I account / Those who wake up from sleepwill join me” is Köroğlu

o. Don’t wake the sleepers, from the shahIt is full of requests to ask the sultan to account


“Put me for the sake of justice /Let those who turn turn away, I will not turn from my way”

It is Pirsultan who says

. three centsthe oppressor who sells all his values ​​for profit

bowing down and fighting the oppressedHand-clawed divan in front of the Khidr Pashas

do not stop, either with his poetry or with his gunstanding with the oppressed, standing against the oppressor

he is the one who fights…

“maso raho hbabina

hbabina bi capha

lecho keggin or ihvan

let’s go tenruh ğacapha”


“our friends walked and left

Our friends are at the front

What are you sitting on, my brothers

Let’s go to the front”

He is the poet of the fight who says


” Manifold maniflah

Ameyvakef bidna shek

Zıllam mayişrab damna

Come on tenruh ğacapha

We work, we try

we have nothing left

the oppressors drink our blood

let’s go to the front”

He is the poet of the fight who says


Of course only the poet of the fightit is not. He doesn’t just write the poems of the fight.

Skill writes the poem of the fightnot fighting like poetry. That fight

inside, in front, fight like poetryis the one. That’s why he wrote his poem, not the poet of that fight

a revolutionary with a gunis a poet. Her poetry is only her weapon in the fight.

From love to sacrifice, from bread to lovethere is everything about the fight in this poem

in the barrel.

Revolutionary in your book toopoet Hasan Biber’s tale of struggle, hope, love

about; accumulated over thousands of yearsthey have poems about our longing for justice…

Dear Hasan,Well done to our revolutionary poet…



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